I have to admit it's getting better...

It's getting better all the time.

We have FINALLY had a good sleep week. Read a couple posts back and you can check in on our strategy change.

Though as I had told several people of our success I've begun with, "so you know we changed our sleep strategy and stuff..." while saying this I have several times been interrupted...
"Yeah, I bet that lasted about a night."
"No." I say, "It seems Junia was ready for us to stop picking her up all the time."

It seems that the world is as surprised as we are!
Now we haven't been having some sort of miracle nights. I am still feeding her once and having to pat her and soothe her back to sleep once or twice beyond the feeding wake up. But rolling over, patting her side and offering her soothing word and sometimes just falling asleep with my hand on her belly is so much better than feeding so frequently or having Sean get up and bounce her. Apparently we were riling her more than we needed to. Whoops. And get this...Last night she was only up twice! What was that...yes twice! She slept from 8:00-2:00 and woke up again at 4:30.

So it's very very possible things could get worse. Apparently babies often go backwards many times. But perhaps the greatest change is that I finally feel hopeful! I feel like there is hope in sight and that our lives are not perpetually doomed.

And the wierd thing. I am now sleeping the worst among us. I think I trained my body to just deal with waking up every 2 hours that now I am having a hard time really resting. No I am not worried about her being dead. I just can't sleep...But I am not complaining.


  1. It's not unusual for you to now be the worse sleeper. I would wake up every couple of hours when T started sleeping better during the night and SWEAR that something must be wrong.

    I am, however, very glad for you guys that sleep training is going well and that everyone is happier for it. Here's to hoping that she sleeps even better in the coming weeks.

  2. Oh, good. So glad to hear you have some relief-- and I would say that generally, it does continue to get better (with little falls back when kids are sick, teething, etc). And yes, I was the worst sleeper in our house after both our girls started sleeping better, too. I'm convinced it's an evolutionary trick to keep us mamas watchful of the babies. But that gets better with time, too. XO

  3. So so so glad to hear there is some improvement and some hope, Rachel!


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