Island Fantasy

Before Junia was born Sean and I made a list of some "self-care goals." As Junia has grown a bit and we have been able to breathe we are starting to do these a little more. One of my self care goals is to go to the beach, Puget Sound, or on of the Islands for one hour a month. So today we headed off to Vashon (our favorite!) Island.

Sean and I have a fantasy of buying a house on Vashon and living in a more rural but breathtakingly beatiful and liberal place (you decide which one we think is breathtaking!). So today we took the dog and the baby -rode the ferry over and enjoyed ourself on Vashon. We had burgers from a local shop, we drove around and looked at houses for sale, delighted in baked goods, bought a book of poetry (this is our weakness) and enjoyed basking in the fantasy life for an hour.

The coolest thing. We actually realized that some houses that are for sale on Vashon are NOT out of our price range. Maybe we actually could live there! Only time will tell but our imaginations are going wild.

Here is our new dream home.


  1. So glad you found some delight today. It is good to dream -- especially when our dreams don't seem too unobtainable or out of reach. I read in your words how difficult things have been for you lately -- I hope you find delights in every day this 2010! Love to you.

  2. Mary and I did the same thing when we went over to Bainbridge while we were there. Maybe someday we can start a commune or some other such thing!

  3. Hooray self-care! And dream houses, too! My former room mate is from Vashon. It seems like a very cool place. xo


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