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So one of the favorite parts of the weekend for R and me is our hot breakfast tradition, making some sort of homemade breakfast together that gives us a chance to be creative, relax and enjoy drinking coffee, reading the paper or just having time together. As R said this morning, we are lucky that although J has changed lots of aspects of our lives, she hasn't changed this one too much--and this morning we had Oatmeal Pancakes I made from a blog I discovered yesterday, and R is currently making Cinnamon/Cardamom Bread for the week ahead! (We are big on the toaster during weekday mornings!)

Here's the link to the blog I found for inspiration yesterday--and definitely note the "index of recipes" on the side! This woman lives in Seattle and together with her partner opened a pizza place, called Delancey, where we went last night and really enjoyed the pizza, and also the atmosphere--few places have a blend of casual, yet interesting and classy and also kid friendly! This photo is from where we sat last night--not our photo but you get the idea!

I've been thinking about ways to express my own creativity that I see so present in R and see in her work on this blog, and one of the ways I do that is (as many of you probably know!) through planning upcoming travel adventures, and another I'm learning is from finding new recipes, especially of food we've had out and want to try making at home. So tonight I'm giving Channa Masala, an Indian Chickpea stew, and Naan, a try, we'll see how it goes! We would welcome ideas too about where you find food inspiration, and new hot breakfast ideas!


  1. I love that you guys love hot breakfast too :-) For food inspiration, I go to Smitten Kitchen, Pioneer Woman Cooks, and Vegan Dad.

  2. So funny! Cappy and I just tried Chana Masala and just bought the stuff to try making it at home. That's tonight's project. Hope yours turned out well! ;)

  3. I don't know how much you guys are into french toast but have you ever had Spanish "french toast". It's really not french toast but is similar in that it has eggs n bread n milk...BUT it's the way you prepare it. If you like bread pudding you'll love Torijjas. I love these things. It's a travisty that my lovely bride doesn't like french toast or bread pudding cause these things are great. Just do a search for either Torijjas or spanish french toast. SOOOOO GOOODD. Two keys i've found is have enough olive oil in the pan and make sure it's hot enough. you are basicly deep frying them. Enjoy and let me know how it goes.


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