I found the camera cord!

A view of downtown Seattle from Seward Park. I loved the clouds covering the skyscrapers.
Mossy wonderfulness of the Pacific northwest.
Green grass. How cold is it where you are right now?
Last weekend we went for a walk in Lincoln Park along Puget sound.
The Fauntleroy-Vashon Island-Southworth Ferry.
I love old buildings- and the stuff in them. Even radiators take on a certain charm.
Confession. I took this picture sitting on a toilet while pumping. I was desperate and had to pump. No where to go but in the bathroom. So do you see squares or do you see green stars. I love tiles like this.
View from the skylight. Sean and I had a lunch date in Seattle and I snapped this.
So I kind of think the Seattle space needle is silly. And frankly it's in a fairly unimpressive part of town. This captures its ordinary-ness quite well.


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