We went to a potluck last night and I left without much luck. In fact, I seemed to have left with either food poisoning or the stomach flu. I was up much of the night with severe stomach cramps and all the fun stuff that follows that. Needless to say I didn't go to work today.

Junia was supposed to go to the nanny today. So she did, and Sean went to work. So I had an entire day to myself. It is nearly 5:00 now and I have been alone for nearly 10 hours. Sure, I have been sleeping, sitting on the toilet, or in pain for most of it. But it was my pain, my sleep and my sickness. I was the only person I was in charge of. This has been a bad but kind of nice day.

Sean and Junia are now on their way home. I am looking forward to seeing them both.


  1. Oh! I'm sending prayers for quick recovery for you. And I totally understand the "yuck but nice" sort of thing-- some mom friends and I were discussing how going to the dentist feels like a mini-vacation-- they tell you to lay back and close your eyes. Ah.


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