Day 1 Photos

My files.
The coffee.

I have friends, theologian friends, who had a dog who once chewed up a bible. They laughed saying, our dog knows how to pick-em. But I laugh. It's a theologian's bookshelf what were the options.

I was carrying Junia in the house one evening and spilled my cold morning coffee all over her head. Crazy that our baby would end up with coffee spilled on her head. Except that what else would it be.

The mixture of color, texture, dead plants and rust stopped me. I also like blending of the white background with the white in the picture. You cannot tell where one begins and the other ends.
Because sometimes drunkenness and creativity mix- and stay. Beer cans hanging from an aluminum Christmas tree branch.
And this is a BEAUTIFUL baby if I do say so myself!
Today was a morning of work, a visit to a doctor's office, a treat after vaccinations.


  1. I love the pictures and can't wait to join you for a year in pictures.


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